Daniel B

The Spark That Started the Fire

When I was a teen just about to get my driver's permit our family was ready for it's next new "used car". My father always bought his used economical Fords and sorry but I would have none of that. I insisted we needed a car that was more than economical transportation.

One day as we were driving to town it happened! There on the used car lot was a light green 1969 Olds Cutlass S 2dr with a black vinyl top, white buckets, black dash and console with a wooden ball on top of the floor shifter. No more 6cyl , this thing had a 350 V8!

I made him turn around and look. To my surprise he even looked at the car with me! I gave him all the positves about this beautiful car. It was used ! Low miles and it was in his price range. His response was , " what about the gas " ? This coming from a man who always drove a small 6 CYL. I tried to get him to over look that small detail and must have done a good job because he bought the car !

I was as proud as a peacock driving our new "used car" and man could that thing move with the 350 in it !

In the past few years I started collecting my GM cars that I loved so much from decades ago and now have a fleet of tenon the road !

Dad eventually admitted that he enjoyed

that Olds too and I never heard a complaint about the cost of gas !

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