Buddy P

The Ride Home

In 1964 I was living in Houston Texas and was driving a black 1956 Chevy Bel Air, 2 door hardtop. One day I received a draft notice from Uncle Sam which I knew would put a stop to my car fun. At this time I also had a 1939 Roman red 2 door sedan. This little jewel had a 57 Eldorado Cadillac motor with 2 four barrel carbs and a 3 speed manual trans. Knowing time was short, I needed to get my cars home, that being in Gulfport, Mississippi. So I rented a tow bar and hooked the Ford to my 56 Chevy.

My coming journey was about to impress on me how much people love cars that have been restored or customized. As I would pass through the small towns in Texas and Louisiana, there was no interstate highways then, people would actually stop on the streets to look at the cars. Stopping for gas was even better, People would want to talk about the cars or relate stories about the ones they use to have or wish they had. Well this all left a big impression on me, I was hooked, even more so, on the hot rod culture. To further add to my car craze I joined the Navy and was stationed in Southern California. I was in the promise land for car nuts. Ventura Blvd., Sunset Strip, Lions Drag Strip, Pomona and many more cool places.

50 years have passed but my love of rods has not diminished. I have a 1956 Chevy ,150, two door wagon, at present. She has a Regal Turquoise and India Ivory paint job with a 355 small block for power. I've added after market fuel injection and a Tremec 5 speed, as well as, Crager SS wheels and custom interior for show. I have been on two Hot Rod Power Tours and to many great car shows. In short, I guess I'm hooked, to say the least and thank God I have a wife who loves hot rods as much as I do.


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