Richard W 1960 Triumph TR3A 2dr Roadster

The Perfect Beach Car.

My first real car was a 1960 Triumph TR-3A, which I painted the same blue-sliver color as James Bond's Aston Martin in "Goldfinger." Just twenty years old and living in Michigan when I received orders for Army training in Texas, I drove the Triumph to San Antonio.

On Weekends, I'd often drive to Corpus Christie where I soon learned to surf using one of those big 'long' boards and the Triumph's bucket seats soon found another use. The wedge shaped seat bottoms easily came out to be used as back rests when lounging on the sandy beach in real comfort.

In those days, cars were allowed to be driven on the beachfront. At night, the headlights would shine on hundreds of sand crabs scurrying away from my tires as I approached.

A soldier's pay wasn't able to pay for anything more than the most basic accommodations and on at least one night, I actually slept in the car. Sitting in the passenger seat, I would snap up the tonneau cover around me. Believe it or not, the tonneau cover was apparently designed for just such a purpose since there were two flies on the zipper, allowing my to lay on the drivers seat and simply close the zipper above. With my body bent at the waist, it was actually quite comfortable.

My next Army assignment was Korea, so I sold my Triumph before leaving Texas, but since then, I've owned two other TR-3As, a TR-4, an MGA and two MGBs.

Today, I live in Florida where we still have our 1975 MGB. It doubles as a golf cart in this retirement community, but I'm also able to enjoy it out on the open road.

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