Lynn O

The Old Jalopy

Where ever we go people admire our little VW, and we always get comments from people of how our little VW brings back fond memories for them. From statements like " Wow I remember riding in one of those" , "As a little kid my parents made me sit way back there as there were six of us" to the classic " I had a beetle as my very first car". On one particular trip we took we went from Jasper to Lake Louise in Alberta, as we stopped at all the attractions along the route people came to see the little VW, especially the German tourists. They admired our little VW and we received lots of praise for having restored the beetle to like new condition, we were very proud to receive the praise of the country men of the origin of the VW. Until near the end of our journey when a couple were returning to their car at the same time we were and I over heard him ask here "What is that?" and her reply "Some kind of old jalopy". Now when my husband suggest a drive I ask him if he will take me in the old Jalopy

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