Scott R

The MGB and the Dog!

At the age of 16, I was on my second MGB. It was a fun little car that I drove to school and everywhere else. Unless it was raining, the top was always down. I lived close to water and would take long drives with a friend or just by myself through tree covered back roads, just enjoying that wonderful little car. Whenever I left home or headed back I would dread the drive up or down the big hill at the end of the street. It wasn’t that it was hard on the car or that it was a particularly steep hill. The problem was the German Shepard that lived at the top of the hill. He was your classic car chaser. But he was a big dog and being in a small car with the top down…a little intimidating!! Many times he would nip at my arm if it was hanging on the door. As you can imagine, after a while I grew tired of his chasing me. So one day I decide to confront him and hopefully end his abuse. As I came up the hill heading home he crouched in waiting, ready to chase me. So I purposely sped up and he jumped and gave pursuit. But just as he approached the door of the car on the passenger side…I hit my breaks hard! To both of our surprise…he had to jump up or run into the side of the car. Of course the top was down… The next thing I knew, he came flying into the front seat of the car!!! It scared the hell out of me! But the good news is…it scared him even more! All of a sudden he started whimpering and sank down into the seat. I immediately jumped out of the car and ran around to let him out! He ran back to his yard and “never” chased me again! In fact, he never chased any car on the street again. Now I am on my 4th MGB and I am still enjoying those long drives in a great car.

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