Bob F 1955 Chevrolet 210 2dr Sedan

The Girl and The Car

It was Summer Semester at a small town college in IA. A bunch of us guys were waiting on the sidewalk of the girls dorm watching the new arrivals. Male to Female ratio was 7 -1. Pretty girls were scarce. I grabbed a cutie from Texas. Wow, both of us from the same town and I found out she had a 55’Chev. V8-3speed 2 dr. 210 coupe. I liked them both. It was a dream, a car and a girl. I bought the car a couple of months later promising her dad she could use when necessary. He was concerned about her driving in the snow and ice. We started drag racing the car at the 1/8 mi. strip in Kahoka, Mo. on the weekends. It was a dog, but after a trip home at Christmas, it got some new heads, cam, duals, and a 4 barrel Holly carb it became a little more respectable. Got back to school, had missed that girl so much we got married and it wasn’t long I had to put a car seat in the back for junior. Did a little street racing until we sold the car and ordered a 66 Chevrolet Caprice 396, Turbo 4 speed and did lots more street racing. Fifty one years later I still have the girl and a couple of Camaro ‘s in the garage.

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