steven c 1981 Checker Marathon (A12) 4dr Sedan

The Feel Good Car

As a child I remember looking out the window of my parents car and seeing all these fancy automobiles from the Cadillac and Lincoln to the fast and stylish Corvettes. All made me smile and wish. But the one car that always gave me a huge smile was the Checker. When I'd see the car on the road all I could do was smile. As an adult I found a great Checker with low miles and it had never been used as a Taxi. I drove it from Phoenix to Los Angeles and I noticed that everyone kept looking at me (actually the car). No matter where in LA I would drive the car, in nice neighborhoods, not so nice ones and on the freeways --- I'd get a thumbs up, a smile and a 'hey, love the car'. It's hard not to feel good and smile when driving the Checker. My childhood memories, to this day, still surround me when I drive the Checker.

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