Chris O 1986 Lamborghini Jalpa P350 GTS 2dr Coupe

The Date in a Lamborghini that won over my Fiance.

The relationship with my Fiance was wonderful from the very beginning. From our first date, we felt perfect for each other. The relationship with my Lamborghini had a long rocky beginning.

I dreamed of getting a Lamborghini from the time I was about 12. I saved for years in the hopes of getting one of the glorious V12 cars. In 2000, I stumbled across a local ad for a Lamborghini Jalpa. It was love at first sight and I started negotiating with the dealer. In the end, I passed on the car and soon came to regret it. 6 years later the car came up for sale again and I bought it sight unseen. It was in good shape the last time I had seen it, so I felt good about the sale it and had it shipped to me from the opposite coast.

When the Lamborghini arrived it began to disintegrate. The car seemed to just completely fall apart. At the time my car was falling apart, my spouse was losing her battle with a terminal illness. The car project went on hold in order to focus on more important things. After a long losing battle, I found myself alone with a broken car. I was under strict orders from the departed to fix the car and have as much fun as I could when the time came. The car headed off to the best Lamborghini Jalpa mechanic in the country and a mechanical restoration began.

The restoration was a good experience. I was shocked to learn the neglect and poor workmanship the car had suffered. I was relieved the troubles I had were not the fault of the car, but those who owned it before me. The work took months.

Near the end of the restoration, independence was not really suiting me like I expected, so I looked into dating for the first time in a decade. I met my fiance online and we met for a first date introduction lunch. I immediately felt a connection and was amazed how wonderful she was. I left the date in a state of shock. I wanted to see her again as soon as I could, but did not want to come across in a weird way. I had never fallen for someone so fast and it caught me off guard. I waited an agonizing couple days and asked her on a second date.

That second date is my most fond memory in a classic car. It was the first date in the Lamborghini. Up until that point, the Lamborghini had never run well enough to safely take anyone anywhere. I asked my date if she would like to go for a drive through the Columbia River Gorge to the Maryhill Museum of Art. It was a long drive through some of the best roads and views that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The car was fresh from the restoration and this second date was one of the first times I had driven it after it had been rebuilt.

The drive was glorious. It was a late summer day and the weather was incredible. The Jalpa has a removable top, so the top was stowed behind the seats. Everything in the car worked and that Lamborghini V8 engine was glorious. It has a sound like nothing else, and it was blasting us through the curves. The Lamborghini Jalpa is heavy for a sport car, so that V8 has to work. The sound is incredible and we were both grinning from ear to ear listening to the engine roar. Reviewers considered the Lamborghini Jalpa one of the best handling cars of its day. Throwing it into the curves was amazing. Up until that drive, I had never spent much time behind the wheel and never on such great roads.

Midway through the day we put the top up to get a break from the sun. The car's AC even blasted ice cold. We used the quieter time to get to know each other. My date opened up to me about her own difficulties as a widow and we had a long intimate conversation about our pasts. Neither of us liked waiting so long between dates. It has been four years and we still absolutely hate to be apart.

Now that I know my fiance so well, I am even more amazed at our date in the Lamborghini. She is a very reserved and a very private person. She has told me many times that she has never opened up to anyone one like she did that day. I am all the more amazed that she felt willing to share so much so soon. The car was part of what won her over. She comes from a long line of car collectors and enthusiasts.

This is my most fond memory in a classic car. One of the first and most amazing dates with my fiance, and one of the first and most amazing drives in my restored Lamborghini Jalpa.

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