Steven L 1973 Lincoln Continental Mk IV Silver Luxury 2dr Coupe

The CAR that might make me FAMOUS!

When I found this beautiful barn score in rural Massachusetts, I never thought it would do anything but give me immense personal pleasure. The 1973 Lincoln Mark IV Silver Luxury Edition with Factory Sun Roof had sat in a garage for a long time. It's plush red velour Emilio Pucci interior had very little use. It only had 33,000 original miles on it! Still, time had done it's work on the paint and roof. I had to hide it from my wife until it was restored so I wouldn't hear "YOU BOUGHT ANOTHER JUNK????". The work done by Ron Cormier of Gardner, MA was flawless.

Just as I finished the restoration, a friend told me that he went to Boston to apply to be an extra in the new movie, "Black Mass", starring Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger. He said that they were looking for period cars for the movie. I sent in a picture of this beauty and it now is a MOVIE EXTRA with ME DRIVING IT as background in a few scenes. One of the pictures sent in is from the movie set where I was filmed diving across the path of the oncoming car containing Johnny Depp (boy, does he look like Whitey!!) as he was being pulled over by Boston's finest.

So, my car and I are MOVIE STARS (in our own minds). Still, although we are truly being trivial background extra's, I have temporarily ceased to be boring. Instead of the usual mundane conversation of "What's new?"--"Same old, same old.", I tell people that I am an extra in the movie and they all say "THAT IS REALLY COOL". I am asked if I met Johnny Depp. I ask if a passing nod to each other is meeting him and the majority answer "Yes, that is meeting him".

Originally, my wife gave her the name "THE BEAST" due to her immense size, but now she is named "MOVIE STAR"!

All in all, I am having a great time all because of my classic car!

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