Doug F

The Best VW Defroster Story

Having restored a couple of VW's, it was fun to have total strangers come up to me at car shows or in the supermarket parking lots with the memories about "their Bug" or Thing for that matter.

While many story tellers would talk about the dependability of the VW, or how many friends they jammed into it or how the car was a natural birth control device, the multitude of tales revolved around the lack of heat and defrosting. No one had anything positive to say about either or had an answer until one day when a fellow approached me in a mall parking lot.

Right away he stated that after many cold and 'frosty' winters he had finally found a way to clear his frozen windshield. He mounted a board along the upper dash, upon which he fixed 6 large but short candles. About 30 minutes before his night shift was to end, he would sneak out to the parking lot, light his candles, and when work got out, he had the warmest and CLEAREST VW windshield in the lot!!

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