Irv S 1970 El Camino, 350 cid, 4bbl

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Having owned our 1970 El Camino since June 2013, we have already had some great times and generated some great memories... 2013 Hot August Nights; Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction; Good Guys West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton, CA; and a number of area Show and Shine events. Hey, We even won 1st place in our Class "El Camino/Ranchero" in Lovelock, NV. Yeah, there were only two El Camino's entered but, hey, a 1st is a 1st any day.

Our El Camino is a work in progress... we have new American Racing Torq Thrust II wheels, new BFG Raised Whiter Letter Tires, dual Magna Flo mufflers, new bucket seats replacing the not-too-comfortable-bench seats with a custom console, Billet Polished Aluminum valve covers and air filter, chrome alternator and a few other minor upgrades. Paint job and chrome trim to come this Fall, early Winter. So, with all yet to do to the car and the great events ahead of us this summer, I know "The Best Is Yet To Come!!

(Note: this is a repeat of an earlier story that I submitted but somehow the picture got lost in cyberspace... so I am trying once again, hoping I do everything right this time...

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