Douglas H 1966 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Convertible

That's My Mustang

I was 15 and had a pile of money, well....about $1000, which in 1969 was pretty good for a paper boy. My Dad, a CPO in the Navy, and I were car shopping; me in childish anticipation of my first car, and Dad needing a car to drive back and forth to work. Of course we both had different visions of what we were looking for, but were simply stunned when this little signal-flare red Mustang GT Convertible sat there in front of us. Strikingly gorgeous, 4 on the floor, and pony quick instantly won our hearts.....but; after discussing with Mom it was too fast for me and too much money for Dad. :-( My heart (and I think Dad's too) was broken.

Well, I couldn't take no for an answer! After some ingenious salesmanship (I'm still one today) I convinced old pop, and to some degree Mom, to go get the Mustang. Dad could use it for work, and I, now the good guy :-), would pay for it. Voila!!! The hook was set and now you know why "That's My Mustang" and to this day still is, 45 years later.

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