Ashford M 1962 Chevrolet Impala 2dr Convertible

That Red Rag-Top

In January of 1968 I was 20 living in North Carolina and looking for a car. My sister told me about their Neighbor who was a Major in the Military and was being deployed to Vietnam in a couple of Weeks. I fell in love with that Car! It was beautiful. A red 1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, 17 Thousand Miles. I bought it for $500.00. I entered the Military later that Same Year and my Dad took care of the Chevy while I was over-Seas. I returned to the States in 1970 and Owner of the Chevy. I kept the Chevy many Years. In 1987 during the Darkest days of my Life I let it Slip-Away. I made a Terrible mistake! I away wondered what ever happen to my Chevy. I made several attempts to locate it with no Luck. About Three Years ago with the help of a Friend and the (Vin#) that had been stored in some old Papers of my Dad's who had Passed-away in 1980. I found the location of the Chevy. Pennsylvania! I had a phone Number. On a Wednesday Night about Nine P.M. very Nervously I called the Number. A Lady answered the Phone. I begged her not to hang -up until she gave me the opportunity to explain the reason that I had called. I told her the entire Story of the Car and how desperately I had tried to find it. She then wanted to know why I had chose to call on that Particular Night. I told her I have just got the information earlier that same Day. She the said that the Chevy was in the Garage and it belonged to her Brother-In-Law. "who Passed-Away the Night before, His wife was at the Funeral Home and she would have her Sister Call me later. I was so Devastated! The Gentleman's Wife called a Couple of Weeks later. She told me Her Husband bought the Chevy in 1987 from an elderly Man. She told me her Husband was a retired Police Officer and had Died at age 65. I told her I was also 65 and a retired Parole officer. She further said that it would have been wonderful if I had only called a few Days earlier. Her Husband all-ways wanted to know where the Car originally came from .She's said her Husband was Proud of that Red-Rag-Top and they enjoyed go to the Cruise-in. We talked for a good while and are now Good-Friends! We have shared Pictures of the Chevy and it's still Beautiful! I'm very Happy because I'm first on the List if she decides to Sell that Red-Rag-Top.

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