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That First Car at the Age of 16!!!

As a kid, I always wanted a sports car. So I saved all the money I had and when I turned 16, I bought a “very” used 1963 Red MGB. A realistic answer to my dream within my budget of $350 dollars! I handed the man my hard earned money and grabbed the keys with hopes of driving home in my new car. But my Father stepped in and said he would drive it home to ensure it was “safe”and I would follow him. I knew secretly that he wanted to drive it! But he was my advocate to make sure my Mother didn’t make me get rid of the car…because it was a “sports car” and I was only 16. My heart sank! So we headed down the road and within about 3 miles from the house he pulled over and told me to drive it home. I jumped in and started it up! I caught rubber in all 4 gears! When I got home, my Dad walked up laughing and shaking his head. Then he asked me where I learned to drive a clutch, since he hadn’t taught me. I told him “from one of those arcade driving machines at the beach!!” Then he really laughed and said he wouldn’t have let me drive it if he had known that!

I spent the summer restoring it with mostly hard work and used parts. My budget would only allow for a few important new parts. By the end of the summer the car looked great and ran pretty well. I drove it proudly to school on the first day after summer break. But at the stop sign before the school I got rear ended by another student who pushed the car into the back of the car in front of me! Six months later I got the car back on the road with a new paint job the student paid for. That night I pulled out on the main road of town and the SAME GUY hit me head on and destroyed the car!!!! The good news is I sold the car for parts and the guy that bought the most eventually sold me his 1963 MGB which was in much better condition!! He was heading off to Europe to work for a couple of years and needed the money. There is a silver lining to every story! Now I am on my 4th MGB and currently have a 1965. They truly are great cars. Easy to work on and fun to drive.

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