Patti B 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sedan

That 55 Could Fly !!!

I was around 8 and my Dads everyday driver was a 1955 Chevy Belair, Green and White! I loved that car. My brother and I would play in it, pretend we were driving to the store, drive inn or just sit and listen to the radio. Drive inns were also fun because we would hide on the floor in the back seat! Dad could make this car fly and I didn't know how he would do it. We would be out driving and all of a sudden he would say, "ok Patricia the cars going to fly!!" I would grab the dash and try to look out the window. Smiling and screaming, we were all screaming and cheering it on!! Up we would go and down again! It was magic, well I thought it was❤️ I was about 13 when Dsd had put the car in storage and I was learning how to drive my Dads next car which was a boat! A Chrysler Newport, when we were going down the road where Dad would make the Belair fly!! Well he said step on it so I did and the Chrysler flew! It kind of broke my heart finding out the real story, but I was glad and happy to be included in the fairy tale. Today I still say that Chevy could fly!

Loved that car❤️

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