Archange D 1963 Chevrolet Impala 2dr Convertible

Thank you: Perpetuating the love of cars

Back in 1998 I was a broke college student with a passion for all things car related. While browsing the net one day I found my dream car in Hemming’s Motor News, and decided to give the owner Richard Wellington) a call so that I could see the car. Again I was broke, so I figured I could at least see the car and try not to drool. To my surprise Dick was very pleasant, and granted my wish despite knowing I could not buy the car. Once I saw the car I fell in love with it, but I was also heartbroken because the car was paid for. Dick explained that someone sent him a check for the car, and he was waiting for it to be picked up. Since Dick was also a car guy, he shared a wealth of knowledge with me. So much so, that over the course of a month I would call to speak to him every day, and to ask about the car.

Well to make a long story short Dick found out that the buyer planned to part out the car, so he decided not to sell him the car. Instead he allowed me to make payments on the car for a year until it was paid off. Stunned by the turn of events I jumped at the chance, and a year later my baby came home with me. My ultimate plan was to restore her, and invite Dick for a cruise. Sadly a few years later Dick passed of Pancreatic Cancer, and I never got a chance to thank him. Besides the car, Dick gave me invaluable wealth of knowledge, magazines, & parts. Now in 2014 I still have my dream car and two boys that I hope to pass on my love of cars to. Since I never got the chance to thank h,im, I wanted to share my story.

Thank You:

Richard “Dick” Wellington

Sandy Springs, GA

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