Jay W 1928 REO Flying Cloud Deluxe 4dr Sedan

Taking my future bride to her high school prom

In 1962 I purchased a 1928 REO , Flying Cloud Sedan, for the price of $70.The car was found in my neighborhood ...Atwater...near Glendale , Ca..The REO had not run for over 20 years. None the less, my buddies and I towed the car home and pushed it into my backyard. My mom came out of the house and exclaimed "Where the heck did you get that thing and what are you going to do with it?" I calmly told her that my friend Bob and I were going to restore it and that it only cost $70! Mom was not happy...plus I knew nothing about cars being only 16. For the next 2 years we labored every available hour tearing the car totally apart .My Dad was in the auto glass business so he helped me with connections regarding paint, upholstery ,windows and whatever he could. Bob and I learned the hard way on the engine part but got it running.

My big day came 2 1/2 years latter when it came home from the paint shop. .Jet Black...with Cream spoke wheels and I took my girlfriend of 3 months...now my wife of 46 years ..to her high school prom.I was so proud when I rolled up in front of her house to pick her up in my shiny REO....We double dated and picked up her girl friend and date as well .Here is where the story gets UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ten minutes in to the drive to the Be l Air Country Club the guy in the back seat...who had been drinking beer for about 3 hours....projectile vomits all over the inside and outside of the car!!!!!! My joy turned to disbelief, and then my Irish vented. I dragged the guy out of the back seat and threw him to the ground......2 1/2 years of blood ,sweat ,$ ....and my future bride to be 4 years latter...and this idiot pukes all over my freshly painted REO as well as inside the car!! I had to take the car home ,hose off the fender and side of rear and explain to my Mom that I needed to borrow her car. Yes thoughts of tearing the projectile speacilist apart crossed my mind but somehow I didn't. 42 years latter , my wife and I went to his 60 th birthday and we presented him a framed picture of a 1928 REO..

The good news is I am happily married to my prom date and we drive around in a 1946 Mercury [insured by Haggerty of course] whenever we can. For the record I sold the REO in 1968 to pay for the engagement ring .

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