Charlie B 1963 Chevrolet Impala 4dr Sedan

Taking Her Down That Road

I have recently bought a 1963 Impala. This Impala replaced a 98 Minivan as my grocery getter, kid's taxi and so on. A few days ago I had stopped at a store. Getting out of the Impala, I saw a woman and an older woman exiting the store. The first words I heard was, "Look Mom, that looks just like Dad's car. So I'm thinking Dad is at home and the car in the garage. They both walk over and start asking the usual questions. Is this yours, had it long. The older lady started telling me that her husband had a 63 Impala 4 door that he bought brand new to be the family car. They took it everywhere. Two trips out west, and every summer to Florida. The Daughter spoke up saying it was his pride and joy next to my Mom. He was always tinkering with it or washing it under an old shade tree in the front yard. As every year pasted, he kept this 63 Impala and Mom would trade her car in on a new model. So this is were I had to ask, "Does he still have it"? She dropped her head a bit and said no. He sold it about 15 years ago. Turns out he sold it about three weeks before he pasted away. He had told her he wanted to meet the person that would be caring for his car after he was gone. Then the the lady asked me if she could sit in mine for just a minute. I told her I'd take her for a ride if she wanted. No she said, I just want to sit in it. So I opened up the driver's door for her and when I looked back at her she just stood there. I told her it was ok to get in. She told me in a quivering voice, "where I really want to sit is there". Pointing at the passenger's side. So I ran around opening the door for her. She sat down in the seat and began to hold back her tears. I looked back at her Daughter. She was standing there with her hands over her mouth with tears streaming down her face. At that moment I realized this woman sitting my car was riding down some road with her husband at the wheel. A place that she probably spent most of her life. She sat there for about a minute and turned to get out. I helped her out and as she stood looking me in the eye, she said thank you for that. I haven't been down that road in a very long time. Then she gave me a hug and turn towards her car. I was in awe of the moment just standing there. Her Daughter mouthed the words thank you as she turn to catch up with her mom. They drove off, all the while looking back at my Impala. I've been around old cars all my life thanks to my Dad. All the stories I've encountered don't come close to this one. This is why I have an old car. One day after I'm gone, my sons (3) will see an old car and say "My Dad had one just like that". That's the love affair people have with their car. I want to continue that.

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