Neil C 1972 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe


As a young and dumb new to Corvette Driver in my 20s I was tooling down the Interstate in my recently acquired Yellow T Top Vette 454 that I got in 74. Stupidly I decided to get some fesh air and take a Top off WHILE going 65-70.MPH .. Never occured to pull over....Well you can imagine the look of terror in my face when the wind grabbed it out of my hand and sent it flying several hundred feet....Luckily no one was hurt.. The Top fell to the side of the road with only a little dent in the corner. No injury to me, top, or any one else that could have been seriously hurt or killed.............and I got off at next exit doubled back and sheepishly put it back on PERMANANTLY till I calmed down.. That was 40 years ago... Ill never forget it tho and now my current 66 Corvette Roadster has no such ability to do that I drive much more attuned to all around me.Do not want dammage to Vette or me or anyone else........but NEVER will I forget that day the T Top Sailed away at 70 MPH

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