John W 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Suprise Award

I bought a 1972 Cutlass Supreme that was sitting in a paint shop (apart) for several years. After the paint was applied I trailered it home along with all the parts. I spent weeks wet sanding, buffing, and assembling. My son who was around eight at the time was in the garage trying to be as much help as possible. It was finished in October ( just in time for a few rides then storage).

The next Summer we drove the Cutlass all over. Around Labor Day weekend the wife and I found ourselves without the kids (rare event). We decided to drive an hour to the annual Olcott Beach car show. This is a big event with over 500 cars in Western New York State on the shore of Lake Ontario. Cars show up from all over, even Canada.

The wife and I walked around looking at the cars, eating, and enjoying the music. After a while I could see the wife had her fill. We made our way back to the Cutlass. We figured we would get out before the awards and beat the crowds. I noticed a orange dot decal on my windshield . I seen a few other cars with them. We decided to stay and see what happens. I figured I would possibly get a participants choice award (many given out). All those awards were gone and slowly class after class went by and nothing. Then they announced a " Best Oldsmobile " award and much to my suprise they announced that a 1972 Cutlass won, I was floored. My Cutlass was picked out of all the great cars that were there. I value this award because we were at the show with no one there pulling for my Cutlass, it earned it on its own merits. This award may not be the biggest I've won, but it's my most treasured.

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    Frank Farnsworth Syracuse July 12, 2014 at 09:49
    Nice going, John! What a pleasant surprise for you and your Wife. You know us "Orange Fans" love the color!

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