joseph c 1955 Volkswagen Beetle 2dr Coupe

Sunny Snow Day!

Growing up in the San Francisco bay area snow was a rarity. We had it on the valley floor only once so when I turned 16 my high school sweetie (my wife now) and I would hit the mountains anytime the temperature was near 40 degrees in search of snow. Our 1955 VW Sunroof Beetle wasn’t what most kids our age had but we loved her. The most memorable trip started like all others we headed up hwy 17 and turned off at Lexington Reservoir and continued climbing on the back roads. Normally we would have to get up to skyline blvd before hitting snow if we were lucky and hit snow at all This time it hit us at about the 500 feet above sea level. It was snowing so hard it felt as if the car was not moving but the scenery was, it was like a live video game. The old bug was purring great loving the cold air to keep her running cool. We passed more and more stuck and spun rigs some made for this weather but our 55 just kept on going and before we new it we were on skyline blvd. Heading east like we did most times we continues past San Jose Soquel road, our usual back road trek to the beach. Neither of us wanted to head down the mountain because the snow was so beautiful and the further east we got the less tracks we saw, so up Loma Prieta we went. Three hours into our journey we dead ended at the top of Mount Umunhum and decided to play in the snow, but only after pointing the car downhill before stopping our momentum. Everything had been perfect but we didn’t know the best was yet to come. As we played on the vista and walked up a couple foot trails to highest point we looked down towards Santa Cruz and through the snow we saw that the entire peninsula was visible. It was so clear we could see from Monterey al the way down to Santa Cruz. I have been to the in the Grand Canyon, stood atop Koko Head in HI but this scene has yet to be topped in my 50 year life. My wife and I still have these aimless drives, we will again tomorrow, but its usually in her 1965 Mustang. We live in the NW and our old VW is tricked out cruising the streets of Salem OR with a new owner. I have moved on to my dream car a 1967 VW crew cab. If I ever hit the lotto I will get our girl back and try to top our best adventure ever.

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