Jay G 1964 Ford Falcon Futura 2dr Convertible

Summer stars

When Dad and Mom got home from Japan after being stationed there during Vietnam we were sent to San Angelo, TX. Dad and Mom had very little money and got a great deal on a 1964 Ford Falcon convertible. Dad paid $50 from a pilot who had "wrecked" the little car in a parking lot. Dad took off the front bumper and straightened it between two oak trees and put it back on. The car was no longer "wrecked", it actually looked perfect to my young eyes.

This little car became one of my fondest childhood memories. I remember driving around Texas at night with the top down. It looked as if the stars were an ocean of little specs and we where swimming through them. It was beautiful. Dad and Mom sold the car before we moved to California which was very sad to all but they could only bring one car and a 1964 falcon convertible dose not carry much. Dad sold it to another pilot for $500 (not a bad profit).

I told Dad for years that I would have another one. Twenty years later I found one sitting on the side of the road here in South Carolina, where I live with my family, and purchased it for $1000. 9 years later it is the car you see now. My wife and children love it. One of their favorite things to do is go for long rides on stary nights with the top down.

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