Patrick G 1965 Buick Skylark 2dr Sport Coupe

Strangest Things Can Happen on the Way to See Springsteen

Like many car guys I am a big Springsteen fan. In 1984 the Born in The USA tour was touring the country and I was fortunate to have tickets to a Friday night show in Hartford, CT at the Hartford Civic Center. It was a beautiful September evening as a friend and I jumped in my 65 Skylark with a 455 transplanted into it for the trek from Worcester, Mass to Hartford, about a 90 minute ride. With Springsteen cranking on the stereo I pulled onto I-84 in Sturbridge and the car quit running. I pulled off the highway and quickly sensed that I had a problem with the distributor and found the bronze gear I had installed was chewed down to nothing. We weren't going anywhere. While assessing my options, a fellow motorist pulled over in front of us, and out of the car steps my college roommate, whom I had not seen in a couple of years! Chuck! That was quite a pleasant surprise. He says "there is no one else I know who drives a blue 65 Buick Skylark so I figured it had to be you; I would never have spotted you if it weren't for the car!". He was on his way to Hartford for a wedding. What a perfect coincidence! Well I wasn't going to leave the car, didn't have AAA or any way to pay for a long tow, but I did know of a nearby salvage yard with a few Buicks where I figured I could find a distributor gear. So I sent my friend to Hartford with my old roommate with instructions to meet our friends there, go to the show and I would somehow get there. I hitch-hiked the 10 miles to the boneyard, found the young brother of the owner working in the shop and asked permission to go find a Buick distributor gear, got what I needed in short order, paid the kid $20 to drive me back to my car and help me time the distributor, got the car running, and made it to the show only missing the first song! What an awesome night! Funny thing is the same distributor gear is still in the motor and running fine....

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    Debbie Ball-Odeh United States July 11, 2014 at 11:39
    Great story! I'm glad you still got to see The Boss!

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