Len C

Stormy Weather

My buddy and I were out for a run around in my Ford Anglia I forgot that the day before my wipers had stopped working, We had driven about 50 miles down the coast road in ( Northern Ireland ) late in the afternoon with out any worries in the world just taking in the views of the sea splashing on the rocks, The sun was starting to set so we derided to mark our way home, We were about 30 mins from home, it was dark and it started to rain, it was at that moment I turned to my buddy and said to him, holly shit, the wipers don't work what are we going to do, I pulled over to the side of the road rolled down the window and grabbed the wiper arm which after a sharp pull was able to wipe across the window, both wipers moved. What we did was we got some string from the trunk which was long enough to go through the car, using the small side window, we tied 1 end of the string to the right wiper,the other end through the car and out to the other side to the other wiper, so there you have it manual wipers, I pulled the string in which pulled to wiper across the window and my buddy pulled it back again, We maade it home safely and fixed the wipers the next day,

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