I was returning to my home in Richmond in my "68" XKE after having my technician check out an erratic speedometer, the needle was jumping around. The tech indicated in writing that my speedo was jumping around so bad that he could not tell what speed I was actually traveling and indicated the time he had done the testing. On my return to my home I was stopped by an officer who indicated I was traveling 45 in a 35 MPH zone. I told him I was traveling 35MPH. He then asked how I knew that. I simply said, "Look at my speedometer, it indicates 35MPH". I then showed him my receipt showing the time and date I had just gotten 10 minutes previously. Didn't make any difference to him and wrote me a ticket.

Some weeks later I appeared in court and the officer told his story, negating the fact that I had just had the speedometer checked. Then I told the whole story from my perspective. The judge turned back to the officer and said, "Trooper Jones...."It appears that Mr. Clear was attempting to do the right thing and had physical evidence that he was traveling at his stated speed. Don't you think we should have allowed Mr. Clear to travel on without forcing him to come to court based on the evidence? I think this was unjust and unnecessary! Case dismissed".

Obviously, this was one of the best experiences I EVER had.

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