tony n 1948 chrysler new yorker

Sorry honey, not in the back seat

While in College (late '70s) I had to return monthly to my parents house for a rent check and to do some laundry. My ride was a 48 New Yorker which I bought non-running but only needed a used fluid drive unit installed.

The reason I bought it was the fantastic condition of the interior, the back seat looking like it had never been sat upon done in the dark green mohair cloth of the day.

The features notable about the car were the length of the hood, it covered the grill, enough room for two suit cases in front of the radiator, a huge radiator followed by more fan space and then the straight eight.

There was a steering wheel the size of a bus, handy as it was power steering by 'armstrong'! The seats were so big this wheel didn't get in the way of drive-in sports which due to the condition of the back seat where limited to the front..

The greatest feature of the car was it's long wheel base. I had to drive the Yolo Causway, a section of Highway 80 in California between Davis and Sacramento. It is elevated and had expansion joints every 50 feet or so. By that time the road had gotten pretty rough and most cars had to slow down as each expansion joint would throw the car and full highway speeds just made things worse.

The New Yorker matched the problem beautifully with long wheel base, soft suspension and when you hit about 70 the road smoothed out like butter on a hot day.

I fondly remebember blowing the doors off many a ford and chevy that were 30 years younger.

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