marvin h 1930 Ford Model A 2dr Coupe

Sneaky Pete

My interest in cars began in 1955 at the age of 14 when I decided I wanted a car. A friend of mine told me of one for sale for $75 and we decided to check it out. This car turned out to be a running 1930 Model A Coupe and I wanted it. The only problem was I was 14, without a drivers license and didn't know the first thing about driving something with levers, shut off valves, etc. This was the time to become creative and a little devious since I knew my desires would not pass muster at home. The seller was a Notary Public so the title transfer was handled, a friend of mine had an empty garage and another friend knew how to drive. The plan was coming together and soon the car was garaged and after school a few of us would crank it up drive a block to a corner convenience store and "hang out". All was well until a couple weeks later the seller called my house and told my Dad he found the extra wheels and tires for my recent purchase. A check of my savings account confirmed my purchase and I had to take it back to the seller and received $65 because of a missing window handle. My wife and I know own a 1930 Town Sedan Model A and our fondest memories are the smiles we encounter while touring and especially a young pre-teen boy who seemed to be overcome with excitement, through his arms up, shouted something, bobbed from side to side and spun around. This fellow is sure to become a future classic car owner.

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