Rick A 1929 Whippet

Shes still got IT!

I was with a group of car guys at an assisted living facility near Boston, who held an "old car BBQ" every year for the residents. The residents walked between the rows of cars, remembering days gone by. Mostly we heard "my dad had one of these or that was my first car" and the like. There was one old gal, not unlike "Granny Clampett" who approached my car with what seemed like a purpose in mind. She looked in the rear window, turned to us and said, "those rear seats never did have enough room". She spun on her cane, walked away, not saying another word.

It took a minute for us to realize what she meant. She checked out more cars with a feisty mind, I'm sure, recalling other "adventures" . She sure made our day, and she's right. There's not a lot of room in the back seat.

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