Clyde T 1959 Ford Galaxie 4dr Town Sedan

She always got me home

My dad bought a 1959 Ford GALAXIE in Nov of 1959. I was 8 and went with him to pick it up at Strother Ford in Marietta, GA. Dad drove the car until I was in the 12th grade, when he gave it to me. I drove it for the next 5 years.

The car was very used by then, but still, it was my first car! The old Ford needed work now and then. A friend's father (also my Dad's mechanic) offered his shop and knowledge of cars to help me learn how to repair the car at night and weekends - no labor cost. That is where I learned many things about being a shade tree mechanic. A knowledge I still use today on my restored 59 Ford Galaxie that I found in 2008. It is just like the original 59 - 4 door town sedan with a 332 2 bbl, but the restored 59 is geranium and white where the old 59 was black and white.

The Ford always got me home. It might not crank when I went to go out some days, but it always got me home. It was a sad day when I learned my Dad had traded it in for a new car in 1974.

When I take my wife out in the restored Galaxie, she comments on how well it rides. I still love a good 59 Ford.

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