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See the USA in a 1955 VW, in 1965

I called it my early development of 'NO itinerary' Drives and vacations!

It was in the fall of the year, 1965, when I took a 'No itinerary' drive/vacation, from San Diego, California, to Lincoln, Nebraska, In my 1955 VW Sedan. It started out a pleasant and uneventful trip, with a friend/passenger along as far as Phoenix, Arizona. Her Mother loaded my Car with cases of Oranges, and Dates, thus seriously cramping my sleeping space! After Phoenix I traveled North to the genuine ghost town of Jerome, Arizona. the number of residents were counted on one hand! On North thru Oak Creek Canyon, which was an uninhabited 'Garden of Edin' in those days. I thought it was the most beautiful place in the world, and now it has been totally spoiled with inhabitants! Spent the night in the back seat and went on to the Grand Canyon the next day. It was unimpressive and ugly as it was raining very hard upon arrival.

Day 3: Proceeded East on Route 66, where construction was starting for the new freeway. Witnessed the worst Can accident I have ever seen that day,near Flagstaff, AZ. Female driver was decapitated. I no longer remember my exact route from Flagstaff to Show Low, where i picked up Route 60 East, on day 4.

Enjoying the vastness and beauty of East Arizona and wide open space of New Mexico, My Car suddenly encountered a very bad knocking noise, so I pulled over, the Engine quit! I now found out why this Engine had always loped, and did not idle smooth. Someone had been into this Engine previous to my owning the Car and installed one Piston upside down. The old German mechanic in Socorro, NM asked, 'What don't you understand about VORN? It is German for TOP, and I proceeded to explain I did not do that! I accompanied the mechanic to Phoenix for parts, in his 1954 Mercedes, Diesel Sedan, that sounded like it was flying apart!

Two days later, (Day 7), back on the Road! Now I have lost some time so will do more driving and less sight seeing for a couple of days, However I did stop at Pioneer Village, Mindon, Nebraska, for a Museum tour, on Day 8, and continued on the Lincoln, Nebraska on day 9, arriving in good order !

My return trip 2 weeks later was more direct, with no sightseeing!

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