Howard Z 1960 Triumph TR3A 2dr Roadster

San Francisco high.....

In 1971. I began medical school in San Francisco. For two years, I used my Honda 350 CB motorcycle going back and forth to classes. In my second year, my rotation took me to the county hospital where I was assigned to a ward filled with young men on ventilators with tubes going in and out of their comatose bodies. The vast majority were head injuries from motorcycle accidents!

Needless to say, the next day I sold my Honda to another classmate and started hunting for cheap transportation. My buddy told me about a white Triumph sitting on California Avenue and hadn't moved in months. I found the owner who told me the engine ran, but it wouldn't move. I offered him $200 and he jumped on it.

After some checking out, I found out that the car has a hydraulic clutch and the reservoir was empty so I filled it up and drove it away. His jaw hit the street as I putted away.

After school, my residency was in Chicago, no place for a Triumph with no heater and no side curtains. I sold it to a pothead for $900. Cash.

Move forward 35 years and I had this itch to once again own a Triumph. I loved that has such character and never left me stranded although it did have attitude at times as every Triumph owner knows. I contacted the local Central Pennsylvania Triumph Club and they put me on several leads which helped locate a fire engine red Triumph TR3A with wire wheels. It was a head turner for sure and mechanically sound but not collected car. It was a driver car and my perfect fit.

So now I'm reliving my youth every time I fire up the buggy and take it for a spin through the countryside of central Pennsylvania. What a blast! Hope this inspires someone to do the same. We can't get our youth back but it sure is fun trying!

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