Scott K 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SX 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Running late for Sunday School

A memory I have still to this day, is one of when I was around age 10. It was a nice Sunday morning and mom and dad where trying to get 3 boys ready for Sunday School and into to town to church that was 10 miles away. I don't remember why we were late specifically, but being 3 young boys, I can just image the BS my folks had to put up with. The memory that sticks in my head is the fun fast trip to town.

The family car back then was a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SX with a 455 4 BBL, a 400 turbo and dual exhaust. Lime Green paint with cloth Jade Green interior that included bench seats and almost all power options. All 3 brothers loved that car. All the power (HP) you could want and all the power options to have fun with.

We all hopped in the car with our Sunday best on, Dad was our driver and I rode shotgun while the other 2 rode in the rear and not a single seat belt utilized. We high tailed from the house down the gravel road sliding sideways at the intersection and fish tailing around the bend. Once we got down to the highway, I remember my Dad putting the foot feet down to the floor and roasting the rear tires to get to town. My brothers and I were all thrown into the seats from the G force of acceleration with a smoke show following us for a bit but we enjoyed the smell of burnt rubber lingering inside. My brothers and I were like "Woo Hoo" this is awesome!!! I took a peek at the speedometer and it was reading around 90 mph or so while running down the straight 2 lane black top highway toward town.

We made incredible time on the way to Sunday School and we 3 boys were on an adrenaline rush when we got to church. They'd probably say we had ADHD by todays rules...

I don't think we ever told mom about our speedy trip to Sunday School, And I don't remember if we tried to be late the next few Sunday's or not.

I just remember... "Boy I can't wait to drive!!!!". I'll save those stories for later.

To this day, I still have this car. Its seen its better days, and has lots of cancer, but I have it on the restoration to do list.

I hope to get it completed in the future and once again take a spin down the road, except this time, Dad riding shot gun.


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