Barney O 1956 Ford Crown Victoria

Rumbling Ride

The year was around 1964 in a little suburb of Nashville Tennessee. I was a just a boy of 8 years old. When most kids were into snakes and snails I was into wheels. It didn't really matter what kind of wheels as long as they rolled. I taught myself how to ride a bike and that opened up a whole new world beyond my street. My oldest brother was not around to show me the ropes. He was off in the service.

My Dad was always working to help keep shoes on our feet so I didn't get to spend as much time with him as I wanted. He worked two jobs so my Mother could stay home with us kids. ( I think mostly just to keep us out of trouble).

Then came my cousin. He was several years older than me and to me was the smartest guy I knew. He was living with us and going to college at a local school. When he was at the house I clung to him like glue. He grew up on a farm and could tell you about every plant or animal there was. He would talk about tractors and trucks and then he would talk about the hot rods that would come storming down the dirt road in front of his house. He told me of his neighbor talking and old model A out of a grown up fence row and putting a flat head V-8 in it. he said it was the fastest car he had ever seen. He said that one day he was going to have a fast car and he had his eye on the one he wanted.

Time went by and Don and I kept talking about cars and trucks and tractors. Then it happened! He had gone home and came back on Sunday to start back to school and he brought with him the most beautiful car I had ever seen. I heard it coming before he ever got to our street. Here it was, a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria. It was black and white with wide white wall tires. I remember it didn't have any hubcaps because that was the style at that time. It was so cool. The first thing he did was throw me in the front seat and away we went. That car was fast and it had so much chrome on it, it was unbelievable.

Time went by and my cousin went back home and started his life. I never knew what happened to that old Crown but I knew that some day I was going to have one. Well so it began, I was cruising through the ads on Ebay and I saw the car I wanted. I called the man and we talked about the car a few minutes and I made the decision I wanted to go see it. My wife and I jumped in the car and went to a small town east of Atlanta Georgia to see the car. Well to make a long story short I ended up making a deal with the man and let me take the car. I drove it back 6 hours on the road and not even a hick-up. That was about 10 years ago and I still enjoy the car to this day.

I kinda went car crazy and my wife and I bought several classic cars and enjoy them all very much. But no mater what we love the 56 Crown Vic more than any. I have the car in the paint shop returning it to it's former glory. Can't wait to fire it up and cruise the roads once again with a true love that I will forever remember.

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