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Rollin' in Grandpas Caddy

It was back in the summer of 83, there's a reason I remember it well (no, this is not Ace Frehley's Rock Soldiers story).

We lived in Buffalo...I was visiting my grandfather in Philadelphia, I was 14 years old. My Dad and Mom were out, and my Grandpa (he was 83 years old) was driving us around in his 1967 Cadillac DeVille. We were going to end up at my uncle's house, who always lived pretty close to them...and had a pool. He would drive us to places like the grocery store, doughnut shop and library. He was a very stubborn and frugal man, but one who when he talked, you listened!! He was driving up a road that had a nice hill that then dropped downhill for over 1/2 a mile. I was sitting in the passenger side while my little brother was in the backseat. As we neared the top of the hill he said: "John, when I get to the top of this hill, what should you do?" Being only 14, I didn't really understand his question, but I said "go down the other side?" to which his reply was: "well, yes, but we're going to coast it to save fuel...Always conserve your fuel by putting your car in neutral and just coast" Which made sense.

The best part of these rides was that he wouldn't slow down as he was going down this hill...he would let it get to over 60 miles an hour and as he was going up the other side, wait until he was back at the speed limit and put it back in drive.

That was my first rush of what speed and hills could do... he had done it several times before, but I never noticed, I was always in the back with my little brother. This was the first time I got to sit up front, it would also be my last, he passed away the following year.

I was always excited to see my grandpa and his cool Cadillac. It was sold and never seen again. I will always remember him every time I see one that resembles his "Black Beauty"

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