Michael L 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 2dr Convertible

Road trips in the Model A

Life is better in a classic, and it does not have to be over 80 years old to be considered a classic, it can be classic depending on who tells the story. But my story goes way back to the 1970's when my father owned a 1930 Model A Town Sedan. We as kids would spend weekend outings with that car and us three kids enjoying that huge back seat. We would always go on Sunday trips in the country on summer days, and one weekend each month from May to October we would head on some type of organized road trip. My best memories was doing poker runs, and chasing clues in that car, on narrow country roads, along creeks, and always with a picnic basket packed in the exterior trunk. If it was not Poker Runs, it was car shows, endurance runs, or scavenger hunts.

It was not a fancy car and did not go fast, but it was a great way to grow up in my teens, with a dad that never owned a new car but always something unique, going to my Senior homecoming in a 1966 Thunderbird Landau, my sisters wedding having the entire bridal party en-route to the reception in multiple types of Model A Fords. Driving a Corvair in college when my new car would always not run in the Ohio winter. Getting the chance to drive a 67 GTO, and a 41 Ford Pickup truck. To getting the opportunity in my early 20's to tool around Arizona in a 1968 Camaro Rally sport, because Dad found it in California and did not want to drive it all the way back east. How many kids get a chance to tool around Lake Powell and sleep on the beach in that cool of a car.

But again it was my time as pre-teen and early teen getting to spend weekends in that Model A that I still have a desire to own a old car

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