Ray O

Road Running Away

Back in 1981 I bought a 1971 440 road runner. I was 18, the Plymouth was my first car I bought with my money.

The car needed work when I had it towed home. the original owner gave it a hard time for OBVIOUSE reasons, lets face it. it was a 440 road runner.. After a couple weeks of working on it and getting it running. I took it around the subdivision were I lived in Sterling Hts. Mich. this thing came alive when you put your foot into it, all I could think was how much fun it was going to be. my mom came home from work one day when I was working on it, she heard the car running and asked how it was going. I said good. she's running real nice. I said I'm going around the block to test drive it. my mom asked to go with me, I said sure. I was driving around the sub for about 5 minutes when I stopped at the end of our street with car pointed towards the house up the street. I said to my mom "I'm going to see what's she's got" I left it in drive and floored it..

wooooohoooooo, I was going sideways up the street with rear tires smoking.. omg it gives me chills thinking about that day. anyway we get to the house and mom jumps out of the car mad as hornet yelling all the way up the driveway waving arms as though all hell broke loose. the last thing she said was "wait till your father gets home. at this point im feel an unsettling feeling in my stomach.

Dad gets home, mom starts straight into when we went for a ride. this is one of those times mom was absolutely fuming for hours to say the least. im out in the garage still working on the Road Runner. Dad comes out after 20 minutes of getting a face full of mom yelling at him about the car. my dad walks up to me with a very unhappy look on his face and said to me.. "give the keys to the road runner" at that moment I went sick in the guts. thinking ill never get to drive this car again.

dad jumps in and takes the road runner for a ride, I hear it rumble all the way up the street and my dad and the car disappear around the corner. I could hear him driving it around the block. then it sounds like he stopped. there seemed to be a looooong pause, then I could hear the engine come to life and the oh sweet sound of my exhaust telling the whole subdivision there's a road runner in town. my dad comes rolling up to the house and pulls in the drive way. at this point I don't know what to think. my dad gets out of the car, walks up to me and in a low voice while starring at me said.

Don't let your mother ever catch you driving like that and hands me the keys with a slight smirk on his face and a slight trembling of the hand from the adrenaline rush her just had.. BTW my dad was a designer for Chrysler. he knew how this monster drove. me and my dad still laugh about that story to this day... Best day ever..

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