David I

River Run Dueces

I had just bought my second high school car in May of 1970, a 327, four speed Canary yellow 1968 Chevy II Nova. Steve's red with black vinyl top '69 Nova had huge tires, accompanied with a terrific rake.

My motor was rated at 325 hp, and Steve's at 300 hp. Soon one Tuesday night, I rumbled up and down a few lanes of the local drive-in and parked. The high school news of this new hot Nova buzzed quickly and before the movie was over Steve was pressing me to race him for $20. I nervously accepted his challenge but declined to throw any skin into the game. He was glad for the race and confident that he would bury my skinny-tired plane Jane in a cloud of fat-slick smoke. The gossip caught fire and when the movie concluded a proverbial caravan of kids headed for River Road outside town to line 'em up at a straight patch between two curves. My little red-haired buddy, who probably tipped the scales at 100 lbs, and had his own car project of a white '56 Bel Air, joined me in the front seat. The mayor's often drunk son wanted to wave off the race so we gave him the honors. When his hat flew I dumped the clutch to spin and slide to the side while Steve's slick's grabbed and he lurched ahead. With adrenaline levels matching my high revin' Nova's rpms I slammed into second and found ground. Quickly I closed the gap and blew by Steve's pride and joy to win the race by several car lengths. Everyone was elated at this second feature "late show" and I had the bragging rights of beating the braggart's Nova. I only regretted that I didn't put up the $20 which in those days would have filled my tank 3 times with Sunoco 260!

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