Kevin B

Riding with Dad

I don't have a long and fancy story but its one that I'll always enjoy. Back in the early 90's when I was still under 10 years old my Dad had a 1973 Chevelle. The car wasn't very special, a terrible drab tan color with a 2 barrel 350 automatic. Every year I used to help him give it a tune up, points, plugs etc. One day we took it for a drive without the air cleaner on it and you could really hear the induction through the carb. I remember Dad would gas it just to hear that noise and I enjoyed every minute in the passenger seat. Sadly years later when I was 13 he was in a car accident which totaled the ol Chevelle. I had hoped it would be my first car in 3 more years but it wasn't in the cards. I still miss that car even though it was one of the least attractive Chevelle's ever made.

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