RoxAnn M P-18 Special Deluxe 4-door

Restoring Dad's Dream

Dad purchased his 1949 Plymouth P-18 Special Deluxe in 1950. No one else had owned the car before him. He was very proud of that car. When he went into the service in 1952, he left it with his parents to use. When he and my mother married in 1958, he stored it in his parents' wooden shed in a small Kansas town. I remember visiting my grandparents when I was small and dad taking the car out of the shed, dusting it off, starting it up and driving us around the little town that contained only four dirt roads and the local Co-op was the place to cool off with a cold beverage. Decades later, when Dad was a widower, he and my youngest brother moved the Plymouth to my brother's garage in Wichita, Kansas to work on it. A short time later, Dad became ill and my brother no longer had the heart to work on it. My husband and I agreed to take the Plymouth back to Colorado. Dad passed away in August 2000. For years, my husband worked on the car's engine and other running parts while I recovered the seats and interior. If not for the fact that it was my Dad's dream car, I don't think we would have worked as hard on it. After years of labor and probably more money than we should have spent, the 1949 Plymouth is back in prime driving condition. Everytime we drive it, we think of Dad smiling down from Heaven and giving us the thumbs up and thanking us for following through with his dream!

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