Rose S 1972 C10 Pick Up

Remembering Grandma Rose & Keeping Spirits of Zoey

The Truck-Blue my favorite color. At a car show with my husband Mike and our Two Ford Mustangs is where this story started. This truck reminded me of the good ol days with my father and I tinkering in the garage. I saw this truck for sale and told my hubby, "I am going to buy this truck, I want this truck!"

Three months of nagging "for say" and whining at the bank I Bought this truck! During the next few months this Chevy Truck caused lots of shock (Bow Tie) shock to my Hubby while working on her. Several things mechanical was wrong with her. I call my Truck (OL BLUE).

During and while that time I drove her as much as I could until other issues arrived and had to be fixed. My Grandfather Gerritt had passed during this time and my Grandmother Rose, which I was named after, had been diagnosed with Cancer in the lung. (She knew before she told the family because of my grandfathers illness).

After many months of My Hubby working on OL BLUE there were times that my grandmother would call and ask when I was going to visit. The visit would always include a good lunch and or just to pick up groceries.or can you help with getting a hair cut. So we get a picture taken with us together for our haircuts that day and believe it or not, My OL BLUE has NO A/C and she will NOT for the the life of her hair roll down the window. I did not understand but her words were, NOPE My hair looks pretty darn good and I do not want to mess it up. (IT was 99 Deg out)

One visit was can I stay with you during the Cancer treatments I totally said "YES". So I made a room up for Grams. During the time that she was getting ready for the treatment plans and dates, She calls me UPSET and says Rose my hair is falling out and can you help me. Now mind you my Grandma Rose, her voice and her tone I knew OK, But I have to drive OL BLUE and I set up the appointment with mine that morning. I picked Grandma up and her knowing I did not have AC. The hair appointment we once enjoyed was full of a hair salon of nothing but tears until we got into "OL BLUE"

Grams said well its a good thing I brought my Hair do. A pink Hankerchief. My grams says, "Now I am a cool wanna be biker chick" (It was a bit funny at the time because my Grams lived her life with Grandpa speaking about the word of Jesus and helping out by building schools and churches)

One day we are on the way home in OL BLUE after a and a couple of bikes pull up to the red light and my Grams looks at them and motions with her hands VROOM VROOM...LOL They revved up the engines on there bikes. Many other stories I could tell you BUT I will stop now.

My Zoey. Would never leave my Grams Rose's side. There when she was getting sick, sleeping and just sitting on the couch.

After Grams passed, I thought well why not. Grabbed the leash and Zoey and went for a ride. WOW, She was a smiling and so was I. (I also personally think Grams was watching )

So there is the story of OL BLUE, Rose & Zoey

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