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Prom Night in a Classic Hudson

About six years ago, my daughter Kate and three of her best friends planned to attend the senior prom of Coppell High School in Coppell, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Coppell High is a "mega-school" with over 4,000 students. Proms are typically held off campus in a venue large enough to accommodate the large population of attendees. The location of the prom was a large exhibition facility just north of downtown Dallas. Kate asked if I could chauffer her and her friends in my '52 Hudson Hornet Sedan. I was delighted and decided to put on a show, donning a dark blue suite, chauffer's cap and white gloves. The conveyance of choice for prom goers with the "means" in Coppell is a stretch Hummer limo. These behemoths which can hold over a dozen people are booked months in advance by Coppell seniors who want to "make a statement" as they pull up to the entrance to the prom. Well, it turns out that as I drove up to the prom entrance, I was stuck behind one of these huge land yachts and was resigned to wait as the Hummer disgorged it's occupants. We decided to unload early instead of waiting. I got out of my Hudson and started to open the rear door in good "chauffer" fashion when to our surprise, the entire contents of the Hummer exited and assembled along the sidewalk in front of the venue to take pictures with cameras and cell phones as I escorted my daughter and her friends from the Hudson. My daughter never had a prouder moment. Neither did I!

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