Nino A

Poor, but fun loving bugs

A bug was our family car while growing up, so I have always been drawn to the beetle. When I turned 16 our "family bug" was broken and my Dad said, "If you get it going it is yours". So I pulled the motor with the help of a friend and the only thing wrong with it was the release bearing had slipped off, so it cost me .20 cents for new clips and I was on the road! I chopped it up into a "Baja bug"I When I wrecked that I bought another bug because they were plentiful and reasonable in the early 80's. I had one in Germany while in the military also. When I worked my way through college in Jacksonville FL, we were "poor as church mice" as they say, but we needed a second car, so again I found a bug. Some of the best times were teaching my wife to drive that stick shift and traveling in that bug. My in-laws bought us tickets to Disney World that were good for multiple days, so when we could scape up enough money for a day with Mickey we would load up the bug and my wife and I would travel for the day to Disney, and sometimes we would take the kids. We have many fun memories around our bugs, and now my children fight over who will get my 1964 Bug when we are gone...They really do love me, I think?

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