Richard S 1970 Jaguar E-Type SII 2dr Coupe 2+2

PaMo and Andrew!

My young son at the time convinced his grandpa--PaMo--grandpa Modica--to enter a local antique car competition when Andrew was about 8. He and his grandfather were very close. Well, this was PaMo's hobby--he bought the car when he turned 50 and drove it almost every Sunday from their house in Brooklyn to a weekend house in Putnam County. And when we moved to Westchester he would stop by and give Andrew a ride in the Jag! The car was well taken care of but by no means a show car. He entered because Andrew suggested it and they were awarded the Mayors Trophy! Which Andrew still has--and I still have the Jag--after many, many mini restorations--and it will soon be Andrew's! PaMo told him it would be his one day and I've taken care of it for him. Now it will be time for him to take over!

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