JENNIFER W 1965 Nova Wagon

Our LOVE child

As a classic "car girl" it tickled me to learn that my new "love" interest owned a 66 Chevelle. That came up in the second or third conversation we had, over the phone of course because I was not interested in a serious relationship. We sped away eight months later in that vehicle as we eloped. Five months later we stood on the side of the road at two o'clock in the morning at an extended weekend car event as he purchased me my dream car. One of the first generation Nova wagons was going to be coming home with us from our fun-filled weekend in Tennesee.

Fast forward twelve months after a ground up restore where I sat endless hours to watch and assist my true love in completion of said wagon. She may not be perfect just a "driver" as we call her. That driver brought our beautiful baby girl "Holley" home from the hospital. in September of 2013.

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