Marc R

Orange Crush

Always wanting a Hugger Orange 1969 Camaro as a teenager, I could never afford one. So, I continued to drool over everybody else's fine looking rides until 11 years ago when I come accross a junkyard find. When I looked at this car originally, I turned it down because it needed so much work. 2 days later, I come home from work to find that my wife had purchased the car and had it delivered to my driveway. The restoration process began with a ton of labor and research to start rebuilding my dream, I replaced darn near every piece of sheet metal on the car. 7 years later, getting it back from the paint shop, it is now Hugger Orange with Whit rally stripes. I installed all new interior, glass, chrome and other stuff. When I gave her the first bath and detailing, I went to take some pictures and almost cried because I just realized that one of my biggest dreams is a reality next to marrying the girl of my dreams which is responsible for this project

It also hit me that "I did that", I was in disbelief that I had actually done all that work myself.

The payoff : mounting the license plate on it and taking the first ride with wife at my side, getting countless compliments fro people I've never met. I tell people that we meet, this is the wife's car, I'm just the mechanic who gets to drive occasionally ! Will never sell it !!!

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