Steve B 1968 Dodge Charger 2dr Hardtop Coupe

One that never got away

I fell in love with the 68 Charger the minute I saw a picture of it. I had one year left in college and my mother about killed me when I ordered mine from the factory. I worked 2 full time jobs in order to pay for it when it arrived in January of 1968. It was the first new car that I had ever owned and I was extremely proud of it. Then I met the woman that I would marry and it was the only car we had for years. She learned to drive a 4 speed stick shift before we married and she was a real hot rodder. As the years went by and our family grew we needed a different vehicle but I held on to the Charger. After several years of saving I finally was able to afford to rebuild it totally. It cost about 10 times more to rebuild than to purchase it new but it is now my pride and joy. I still have it and still drive it as much as possible. I also still have my lovely wife after 45 years of marriage.

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