John W 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sedan

Once in a while dreams do come true!

Very short. My Dad was a teenager in the 50's. Hair with the DA until the day he died. Mom was good old girl cheerleader. Bad boy and good girl together since kindergarten. Dad always played with cars, old lead style. Age fifteen he and I do a 68 mustang together and the history and passion is passed on. Since then I have had 28 Ford, 27 Dodge, 37 Chevy, 32 Ford and now a tribute car to Dad. 57 Chevy 2 door with the post.

Dad was to retire and live cars with me but he died suddenly and I have greatly missed him for the last 4 years. This car is for him it was to be for us but it was not to be. I am glad that I am able to pass the passion down to my daughter - yes my daughter - a motor head she is. She helps keep the passion in me going but I miss Dad sooooo much. That is it - short and simple!

Thanks for listening and allowing me to share.

John Way

Jackson, NJ

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