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On the road at 16 years old!

Today....I am the proud owner of a cool 1966 Mustang GT Fastback, 4 speed, 4 barrell, Candy Apple Red with white Lemans Stripes.....awesome fun car!....but my memory of Mustangs goes back to High School in 1975.....which may not seem that long ago to some of your readers.....but at age 54 today it was years ago for me.

Out of High School for the summer in 1975, I was sixteen years old had a great 1971 Mustang Grande, automatic with a 302. It was a very lightweight and fast car for the engine size and speed was needed since it did not have AC and you needed the air flow in the car.

Anyhow....I was living in a small town in Middle GA, just south of Atlanta, and I told my parents I wanted to drive to Fruitvale Texas to visit my Grandfather whom I had never met before or even spoken with due to distance....family issues....etc. My parents OK'd the adventure and I called my Grandad, told him who I was, and I wanted to drive out and meet him.

We set it up and I took off in the Mustang! One of the most incredible things I remember was seeing and crossing the Mississippi River for the first time....incredible!

My Grandad was retired but still had a small ranch he raised some cattle on in Fruitvale. I enjoyed spending the week with him on the ranch feeding the cattle, fishing, drinking some beer (hope my Mom doesn't read this) and going to the Senior Citizens Center for breakfast in the mornings.

At the end of the week when it was time for me to head back to GA.....my Grandad told me to follow him downtown he had something he wanted to pick up for me to take back home. I followed him in my Mustang downtown and he parked outside of a local Butcher Shop. When I asked what's up....he said he had a cow butchered and he wanted me to take it back home! We put down several old quilts in the trunk of the Mustang and packed it full of frozen and packaged steaks, ground beef, roasts, etc all surrounded by dry ice and covered by more quilts.

With my prized cargo from my adventure....I hustled back from Fruitvale TX to my hometown in Middle GA and surprized my family when I arrived and popped the trunk!

Surprizingly.....most all of the meat was still frozen except for some that was right on the bottom layer against the floor....so we had fresh steaks for dinner that night!

Regretfully....I never saw my Grandad again....but I have that great memory of a week spent with him and a very cool old antique bone handled Case Trapper pocket knife that he gave to me also when I left.....he told me he had "cut off many a bull's nuts" with that knife!

It was a great story in my 71' Mustang that I will never forget!

Now I am making more memories in my 1966 Fastback!

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