Andy H 1964 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 2dr Coupe

OKie Honeymoon

Fell in love in 1969 with my beautiful used 1964 Karmann Ghia and met the prettiest girl at college. Oops, that should read fell in love with the most beautiful girl and "prettiest" faded red Ghia. This was my first experience with true love like a VW air cooled engine. Not sure that sounds right. My love gave me a life lesson when I wanted to take her (both girl and car) to meet my parents in southern Oklahoma. I still swear that the idiot light colors are opposite my old 1951 Ford when about 100 miles from home the Ghia ran out of oil. Had to leave my love along the side of the interstate and hitch a ride with my Girl to get to a phone. Oops, did it again, left the Ghia by the side of road and hitched a ride with my love. Anyway, she overlooked my faults (and the Ghia's) and married me after graduation in 1971 and along the winding road of life and loves learned to tell the difference between MG's, VW's and Porche's. Unfortunately my love left me in 1973 but I've had others over the years but there is nothing like your first love. Oh, it was the Ghia that had to go when the first daughter came along and my true love has bump started me, like some of the other VW's we have owned, along that winding road for 43 years. After 2 additional daughters, my love loves the VW EOS better than all the other "classic" cars that have come and gone along the way but I still say there is nothing like your first love.

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