Christian H 1969 Ford Mustang Grande 2dr Coupe

Not Exactly What She Was Expecting

I was on my way home one day, when I stopped for gas. At the pump next to me was a couple in this beautiful 69 Mustang. While I wanted so bad to ask about the car, I kept my distance because they were obviously arguing over something. Once the words got louder, I realized they were arguing over THE CAR. She wanted the new (at the time) retro Thunderbird, and he told her he wasn't buying her another car because she never drove THIS one. He said "If you sell the Mustang, I'll buy you the Thunderbird". Which is when I jumped in, not wanting the opportunity to get away. 10 minutes later, the car was mine.

At the time, I had been dating my wife (then girlfriend) for almost two years. One of the main topics of discussion on the night we met was how much each of us loved classic cars, so I knew she would be excited about this beautiful 1969 Mustang. So I called her at work, and told to come by right after she gets off because I had a surprise for her. After badgering me for an hour about the surprise (she HATES surprises), she finally gave in and said she would come over right after work.

When she arrived (with the car hidden in the garage), the excitement within her was palpable. As I sat her down across from me, and started telling her of the day's events, I could tell she wasn't much interested in the lead up, just the "final chapter". So I get up, swing the door leading to the garage open, and say "Check THIS out. SURPRISE!" But the ears spanning grin on my face disappeared when I turned back to see her visibly, and EXTREMELY, angry. "THAT'S the (censored word belongs here) SURPRISE? You're such an (another censored word goes here). Naturally, I was dumbfounded.

Turns out she was expecting a "different" kind of surprise. You know, the kind that fits around a finger? Which is why I had to let her drive that night, which turned out to be the first, of many, evening cruises we've taken in OUR classic Mustang over the last 13 years.

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